About Ninja

Ninja was founded by an international team of professionals, with experience across all aspects of the vinyl and paint protection film sector, including; automotive, architectural, commercial and marine.

Our management team has broad global experience in manufacturing, procurement, logistics, investment management, brand and business development.

This unique and highly diverse set of skills has enabled the Ninja business to grow quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining very high standards.

Ninja currently operates on a multinational basis, with stock holdings and order fulfillment in several key markets:

Ninja Inc. Europe offers order fulfillment for the UK, along with Pan-European order fulfillment from Germany, and is duly VAT registered in the UK and Germany.

NinjaShield USA offers order fulfillment in North America, with stock and shipping from Jacksonville, FL.

NinjaShield® is a Registered Trademark in the UK, EU and USA.

“It's amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit”

-Harry S Truman

Ninja News

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